Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Veteran Spotlight: Andrew Sanders

This month, From the Battlefield is pleased to check in with Orion alumnus Andrew Sanders, a former Aviation Electronics Technician in the Navy. Andrew attended an Orion Hiring Conference in Virginia Beach, VA, in May 2016, and was hired as a Field Service Representative with ARxIUM, a leader in pharmacy solutions.

“While my terminal leave was roughly 30 days, happily, there was only a five-day gap between leaving the military and beginning my career at ARxIUM. I am happy to say I couldn't have found a better company to help me transition than Orion. I owe a lot of my fortune and success to the hard working people at Orion for executing a flawless Hiring Conference,” recalls Andrew of his transition. 

Andrew’s transition has been exciting and eye opening. Saying yes to his job offer was the easiest part of his transition! But, he explains that looking for a job and trying to plan with a family depending on you was the hardest part. “Good communication and trying to stay healthy and active played a large role in our success,” says Andrew.

Andrew now works in Field Support within the Pharmacy Automation industry. He tells us that his military skills have helped—from working with his hands to communicating with the customer and using organization and time management to his advantage.  “In my new job, I travel once a week for preventative maintenance and work in a clean room environment. I could advance to a higher grade technician in the future,” explains Andrew, “My overall demeanor in real time, high tempo, stressful situations has already helped. In the Navy, we are taught to methodically approach these situations and react with time-critical solutions.”

Andrew also has some great advice for other transitioning veterans out: “Take a deep breath. Use the great resources out there; take your time; pay attention to detail; and, for goodness sake, follow up on everything. Just like the service, no one cares more about you and your life more than you do!! Be open to change, and don't be afraid to jump outside your comfort zone.”

Congratulations to Andrew on his new career. We are happy to have played a part in it!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Military Veterans provide a new competitive advantage for Tech companies

The tech industry is booming and companies are finding it hard to attract and retain great employees. This is a concern for hiring managers over many different industries, but Tech companies are realizing that Veterans with an IT background have the skills, experience and discipline that they want and need.

Many veterans find the major obstacle in their transition into the civilian world is translating their military skills and experience to the civilian hiring manager that may have no military knowledge. As the same, many employers are missing out on great employees since they often don't know how to interpret the relevance of veterans skills or appreciate their capacity for such all-purpose skills as rapid learning and leadership abilities.

How do we bridge that gap? Orion is here to help, and has been finding careers for Veterans for the past 25 years. We have found rewarding careers for more than 36,000 veterans and will match your skill set and preferences with the RIGHT companies and positions.  Learn how Orion can help in your transition, from interview preparation to resume writing and advice from Orion alumni - visit Transition Corner resource center to get started today.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Combat Arms Veterans—Do Not Underestimate Your Career Options

At first glance for Enlisted Combat Arms veterans, civilian career options may appear limited to those careers that are directly transferable from your military background. But the career choices for veterans with MOS’s in fields like Air Defense, Armor, Artillery, Cavalry, and Infantry go far beyond law enforcement, security, and contracting.  In 2010, Orion expanded our offerings and became the first Military Talent Firm to work with non-technical enlisted Combat Arms service members. Since then, Orion has found civilian careers for nearly 2000 enlisted Combat Arms veterans.

Our non-technical enlisted candidates are finding fulfilling careers in industries like oil & gas and manufacturing with salaries ranging from $40,000 to $70,000+. With our industry leading preparation program, we will work with you to build your resume, provide you with career counseling and transition assistance, prepare you for interviews, and arrange interviews for positions that are a match with your background, qualifications and desires.

We work with an extraordinary list of corporate clients - including Phillips 66, Google, Siemens, Plastipak and many others. Below are some careers for Combat Arms NCOs through Orion:
  • Infantry Team Leader, E-4 - Operator, Phillips 66
  • M1 Abrams Tank Crewman, E-4 - Field Operations, Google Projects through Adecco
  • Air Force Heavy Equipment Operator, E-6 - Operations Supervisor, JB Hunt
  • RECON Marine, E-5 - Area Manager, zulilly
  • Air Traffic Control Specialist, E-5 - Systems Specialist, Siemens
In addition to speaking to your recruiter, visit our Operations Careers page for a preview of the types of positions for which we are currently recruiting.

If you’re among these veterans, you should never underestimate your experience. Your extensive leadership and management experience, not to mention a superior ability to build cross-cultural relationships, make you a great pick for employers looking to add veterans to their team. You've motivated your colleagues to accomplish organizational goals and done so in intense down-range environments.

Companies are not just looking for veterans with backgrounds in nuclear, electronics, avionics, etc. They’re looking for men and women who excelled in their military field and are able to bring that spirit of innovation and perseverance so well embodied by Combat Arms veterans to their job.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Coolest New Military Technology

The United States Military maintains some of the most advanced technology in the world. Here are some of the American troops’ coolest gear, as listed by We Are The Mighty:

Black Hornet Drones  

The Black Hornet is a military micro sized UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) that makes short-distance observations easily. They are small enough to fit in one hand; a four-inch, 18-gram personal scout can fly for about 25 minutes, maxing out at about 11 miles per hour, while taking video and high-resolution images.

The Navy's Two New Attack Submarines

The submarine fleet will welcome two new Virginia-class fast attack subs. The USS Colorado (SSN 788) is currently under construction, and is expected to be commissioned in the summer of 2017. The USS Washington (SSN 787) was launched on April 13, 2016. These New Virginia-class submarines feature the latest and greatest technology in submarine warfare. Attack submarines are designed to seek and destroy enemy submarines and surface ships. They have everything from improved sensors to better acoustic camouflage.

Enhanced Night Vision Goggles

The Army’s newest night-vision goggles will be fielded to soldiers this year. The goggles fuse image-intensifying and thermal-imaging technologies, enabling vision conditions with very little light. They will be able to communicate with future weapon sights so soldiers can always see the impact point of the weapon, even when firing from the hip or through smoke. The weapon sight vision will not be available until 2019.

New Machetes will Help Prepare the Army for a War in the Pacific

While new machetes may not seem like a huge technology advancement compared to the drones and submarines, the U.S. Army is part of the pivot to the Pacific and that means preparing for jungle warfare. The Army is looking for new machetes with a double-edged blade. One side would be for chopping through vines and the other for sawing through branches.

The Army will also be looking at new materials for uniform items, especially boots, in the coming years for operations in the Pacific.

With new technology, the US Military is really changing the face of warfare for our soldiers. There will be has endless potential to make life changing advancements that will keep our soldiers safer with greater tools and greater ability to do their job.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Veteran Spotlight: Elizabeth Woolfolk

From the Battlefield is pleased to have recently caught up with Orion alumna Elizabeth Woolfolk, a former Army Musician who attended OCS and then served as an Ordnance Officer and Force Management Officer. Elizabeth shares her transition story and what she’s learned in the past year-and-a-half in her civilian position as a Senior Buyer with Honda.

I served in the United States Army from 1999-2015. My military experience gave me a level of discipline and strength to succeed in the civilian workforce. I think the ‘tough skin’ part paid off.  I’ve learned to get through tough situations. For example, my 15-month deployment to Iraq. That was a very long, very difficult deployment. I learned that I can handle some extremely physically, mentally, and emotionally tough situations and still come out on the other side a stronger person,” says Elizabeth.

As Elizabeth says, military skills don’t always have to have a direct correlation to a civilian career to translate to success. “I’m in the automotive industry now. Though I didn’t necessarily work in automotive while in the military, the other skills I gained through the band field experience, Logistics, and Force Management helped a lot. I learned and honed my organizational skills, business acumen, and negotiation/communication skills.”

Elizabeth realized throughout her career that she enjoyed “putting puzzle pieces” together, and interest is now a big part of her civilian job.  “For my position, I manage different logistics and payment systems, but an even bigger part of my job is strategy,” explains Elizabeth, “I analyze and recommend future activity based on current cost and supplier base strategy, as well as evaluate ways to consistently keep costs of our products down while still maintaining high quality.” 

Like many veterans, Elizabeth also explains that one difficult part of transitioning is not using military jargon. She says that she finds herself still using it to the “utter confusion (and amusement) of my coworkers”. She also finds the civilian workplace to more relaxed than the military. “Being in the military, I always maintained a level of watchfulness and military bearing.  While I maintain that bearing, I am now in a position to be have a say in what happens in the workplace. The civilian world is definitely a lot less autocratic,” she explains.

Since she took this position with Honda North America through Orion, Elizabeth has gained a lot of technical knowledge and improved her business and strategy skills. She’s been recognized by her management as a strategic thinker, a hard worker, and very professional. She has also been identified as a future leader in the company. 

We asked Elizabeth what advice she has for her fellow transitioning veterans. Her biggest piece of advice: Be open and accepting to change. “I’d tell my fellow veterans to embrace change as they transition into the civilian world. Set your pride and ego aside and learn from your peers and management. You will earn their respect, and, eventually, you’ll see that they come to YOU to learn.” Elizabeth says when it’s time to move on from the military, let go, move on, and embrace today.

Click here to read more about Elizabeth's transition to Honda and even ask her a question.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): Trends, Growth and Rankings

In January of this year, Orion acquired Novotus, a leading RPO and Recruiting Services firm. Novotus was recently ranked #4 on’s Top 10 RPO Firms list!

You might be asking yourself, “What is an RPO Company?”

Under Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), a company (employer) outsources its recruitment process or processes to a third party service provider. Recruitment process outsourcing firms are beneficial for companies who lack internal resources essential for hiring top talent, to help the employer thrive in the marketplace.

As a job seeker, what does RPO mean to you?

In most cases, the RPO company serves as an extension of the client’s recruiting team, and will work with you, the job seeker, seamlessly on behalf of the company. If you are contacted by a Novotus recruiter on behalf of ABC Company, you will move through all stages of the hiring process with ABC Company through that Notovus Recruiter.

According to the Digital Journal, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Marketing - Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Trends, Forecast 2020, the continuous growth and implementation of software solutions, cloud and web based services, has helped streamline the recruitment process, and led to recent growth of the market.

Learn more about Novotus.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Register Now for the SummerSlam Veteran Career Panel and Networking Event

For the second year in a row, Orion International is pleased to have partnered with WWE and Hire Heroes USA to present the SummerSlam Veteran Career Panel and Networking Event. The event will be held on Friday, August 19 from 8:00 am - 1:30 pm ET, at the NBC Studios in New York City. This event is free to all Active Duty Military, Veterans, and Military Spouses.

The Veteran Career Panel will feature Human Resources professionals from WWE, in addition to several top Tri-State Area companies, who will give valuable insight on building your personal brand and succeeding in your career search. During the Career Coaching Sessions, you will have the opportunity to take a professional LinkedIn photo, and learn interviewing tips and techniques, current hiring trends and best practices for networking. The Networking Event will give you the chance to put your new found knowledge into practice with participating employers.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided, and you will have the opportunity to win 2 tickets to SummerSlam, and other prizes. Space is limited, so register here today!