Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Orion Recruiter Gives Interview Advice in Military Times Edge article

Bob Berkholz, an Orion recruiter, was recently featured in the article, "Train Like You Interview," in Military Times Edge by Adam Stone. In the article, Bob discusses the value of mock interviews and how to make mock interviews worth the effort. According to Stone, one of the best ways to prepare for an interview is to hold a full dress rehearsal, as interviews are as much about performance as content. By this, Stone means wearing the suit you have chosen, being greeting by a secretary or receptionist, filling out paperwork, and, of course, the actual interview.

Stone turned to Berkholz to give some insight into why this dress rehearsal is important. “[Mock interviews are] an opportunity to learn how to make the interview more of conversation and less of a tennis match,” says Berkholz. By practicing for your interview, you can be better prepared to offer spontaneous answers to unexpected questions and stay focused in a high-pressure environment.

Ultimately, Berkholz gives three tips for staging your mock interview:

• Have a solid opening statement and a ready response to “Tell me about yourself.”
• Dress for success.
• Use the mock interview to learn how to close and gain commitment for the next step in the hiring process.

Click here to check out the article.

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