Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where are they now? Jonathan Fulton, Orion’s First Placement

As Orion celebrates our 20th anniversary, so, too, is our very first placement, Jonathan Fulton! Fulton, a USNA Graduate and five-year Navy Nuclear Officer, will celebrate his 20th anniversary with Alcoa in April of this year. Fulton recently spoke with From the Battlefield about his experience with transition and career.

Fulton attended the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, where he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He then served for five years in the Navy where he worked as the Damage Control Assistant on board the USS Alabama, a strategic missile submarine based in Bangor, Washington. Fulton credits the equipment he worked with in the Navy, as well as the long hours, heavy workloads, and multiple demands put on him while in the Navy, with making civilian industry work seem easy in comparison.

When it came time for Fulton to transition, he had a disappointing experience attending a conference with another recruiting agency and was soon happily working with Orion, namely, original founder, Bill Laughlin. “Orion took the time to get to know me personally and teach me about the different types of jobs available in the civilian world for people with my experience, training, and degree. Orion introduced me to life in the civilian industrial world,” says Fulton. He goes on to state that after talking on the phone a couple times with Bill, Fulton felt like Bill knew who he was, what he was looking for, what he was capable of doing, and had his best interests in mind as he sought to place him with the right position and company.

Alcoa was certainly the right company and position. Fulton started out 20 years ago as a Utilities Engineer responsible for steam, natural gas, and high temperature water. He then moved into Maintenance Engineering and was responsible for compressed air and steam. After a brief stint as a Safety Engineer, Fulton transferred into maintenance management as an Area Coordinator and then a Superintendent. Presently, Fulton is back in engineering as a Senior Staff Maintenance Engineer. After 20 years on the job, Fulton is still enjoying the people, the location, and the work.

When asked what advice he has for transitioning veterans, Fulton explains that they should, “Take the time to learn about what you are getting yourself into. Don’t go for the biggest pay check or the place where you will find the quickest promotions. Find the work and the environment that suits your personality.”

Congratulations to Fulton on celebrating his 20th anniversary with Alcoa. Orion is proud to have placed him with Alcoa and wishes him continued success! Stay tuned next month when we profile another placement from 1991 in celebration of our 20th anniversary.

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