Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Six DOs and DON’Ts of Social Networking

Ten years ago, the words Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn didn’t even exist. All a hiring manager knew about a job candidate was what they read on the résumé, and how they presented themselves in an interview. But in this new age of social media, an increasing number of employers are checking out potential employees on the web, and your online profile could possibly play a part in whether or not you are hired. Below are six do’s and don’ts of social networking for those in the job market.

Don’t speak disparagingly about a previous or current boss. Remember that privacy settings cannot always protect you. It just takes a friend of a friend of a friend to see an inappropriate remark about your boss or anyone else at your workplace via tweet, posting, blog, or chat.

Do update your profile regularly. This will ensure that if employers do find you online, they see an up-to-date portrait.

Don’t forget that in most cases your friends are visible to people viewing your profile. While most connections or friends on social networks are harmless, your friends’ comments and pictures can end up on your profile and are therefore visible to employers.

Do get recommendations on sites such as LinkedIn. These can serve as instant references and can flesh out a professional profile.

Don’t use foul language or display inappropriate pictures of yourself or others. Again, your profile is a reflection of you and should reflect you in a professional and appropriate manner.

Do responsibly participate in some form of social media. Social media, when used correctly, can be a great networking tool, so use it wisely!

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