Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Orion’s Resources for Voluntary Separation Pay (VSP) Air Force Officers

With the continuation of the Air Force Voluntary Separation Pay (VSP) program, many Air Force Officers may have chosen to take this option. And those that did not may be facing a reduction-in-force board later this year. At Orion, we have placed Air Force Officers into corporate America since 1991 and invite you to consider our placement services as you separate earlier than planned. Orion understands that transitioning from the military can be stressful, especially when the need arises suddenly, and for that reason, we have created the Military Officer Transition Program.

Orion’s Military Officer Transition Program aims to help you make a successful transition by providing you with a sequential series of sets comprised of a series of interactive webinars, self-paced instruction, and individual calls with your recruiter. You can start this program at any step in your transition. Additionally, we also have Recruiters dedicated to serving Air Force Officers who understand your needs during this time. You may also want to attend one of our many Air Force Base Visits, where you will meet with an Orion Recruiter who will evaluate your marketability, assist you in outlining your career options, and give invaluable information to begin planning the path to your next career.

Deciding to participate in the VSP program is an important decision often tempered by what opportunities are awaiting you in the civilian workforce. Orion is here to not only help make your transition as smooth as possible with our many Military Officer Resources, but also to facilitate your placement in a career that meets your professional goals within America’s finest companies. Click here to learn more about Orion’s services. We look forward to working with you!

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