Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Industry Spotlight: Wind Energy recently published an article that explores the wind energy industry and why it is attractive to veterans. The industry's recent growth ,coupled with the fact that 26% of all new electric generating capacity was created by this industry, makes this an industry that is very well-suited for Enlisted Technicians, Officers, and Noncommissioned Officers.

The article features the experiences of three different veterans, including Orion alumni Randall Tyson and Scott Corley. Tyson, a nuclear-trained Machinist's Mate who served 12 years in the Navy, is now a Wind Engineer with Terra-Gen Power. According to Tyson, "I grew up on a farm, was a diesel mechanic before the Navy, and my nuclear/mechanical training in the military all contributed to my ability to perform in my position."

As this industry continues its growth and the need for talented labor increases, veterans would be wise to consider this industry as one of their many options when they transition out of the military.

Click here to read the full article.

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