Friday, June 10, 2011

Blog Addresses Reasons to be Discreet about Job Interviews

A recent blog post by Amy Levin-Epstein on CBS, titled “Job Interview? 4 Reasons to Keep Your Mouth Shut,” discusses why it is important to be discreet after an interview both in person, and on the social media sites in which you participate.

From the Battlefield to the Boardroom thinks this blog posting is very relevant to our readers and hopes job seekers heed these tips -

1. Everyone’s just not that interested. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Levin-Epstein points out that not everyone needs or wants to know about every interview you have.

2. However, your current employer may be interested. Posting information about your recent interviews on social media can broadcast your intention to leave your current employer.

3. Your “friends” may be your enemies. Unfortunately, the more people know about your job interviews, the more they can sabotage.

4. You may invite further competition. Levin-Epstein turned to Orion Officer Recruiter JP Sniffen for advice on this one. “People tend to associate with people of similar backgrounds. If your social circle knows about the role you are applying for, there is a good chance somebody will want the job as well and apply for the same position,” advised Sniffen.

Ultimately, Levin-Epstein points out that while it is important to leverage your network to aid in your job search, it should be done in a discreet way. Check out Levin-Epstein’s post to read more on why discretion is best after a job interview.

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