Friday, June 17, 2011

ManpowerGroup 2011 Talent Shortage Survey Results

ManpowerGroup, Inc. recently released their 2011 Talent Shortage Survey Results, compiled from data of nearly 40,000 employers across 39 countries. Topping out the list of the top ten most difficult positions to fill are Technicians, Sales Representatives, Skilled Trade Workers, and Engineers. And according to an article on written by Ho Lin, these results reveal an excellent opportunity for Enlisted Technicians.

Lin quoted the survey as revealing that one in three employers globally report difficulty filling jobs, particularly those involving a skilled trade, including industries that require electronic, electrical, mechanical and electro-mechanical technicians, due to lack of available talent, the highest percentage since before the recession in 2007.

"There's been a steady trend of media reports regarding a lack of skilled trade workers and technicians, even despite the recent recession," Mike Starich, President of Orion International, told Lin, "Back in my father's day, when you graduated high school you would go to a trade school or college, or enter the blue-collar work force. As America's economy has evolved, there’s been a bigger emphasis on four-year degrees, and this 'white-collar push' has created a vacuum where there are fewer people skilled in the trades."

When asked what advice he has for technicians, Starich told Lin, "The more you can tailor your resume to outline your skillsets for the trade that you're interested in, the better. Further, try to include resume bullets detailing any outstanding achievements related to your technical skills." Indeed, veterans, and particularly Enlisted Technicians who correctly tailor their resumes to showcase their technical skills, have a definite leg up in this job market.

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