Friday, June 24, 2011

Recruiter Spotlight: Jay Koranda

Jay Koranda is a 12 year Navy Aviation Electronics Technician – Instructor, Master Training Specialist. He was placed by Orion through a San Diego Hiring Conference in 1998. and worked for that company for two years before relocating back to San Diego and starting with Orion in 2000. Jay was subsequently promoted to West Coast Recruiting Manager and selected for Partner in 2004. He is also currently in Orion's Senior Partner Mentorship Program. Jay is married with two sons, 16 and 21 years old.

If you could give just one piece of career advice to a transitioning military professional, what would it be?

Look at every company as an opportunity. When you transition from the military you are at a crossroads in your career. You can take your career in any direction you want to go. Do not think about what the job provides for you right now but if it will set you up for the career you are looking for. Think about where you will be in 3-5 years and does that company, position, and/or industry align with your goals.

What do you like most about working at Orion?

The ability to stay connected to the military by working with and assisting military in their career transition. I was naive to the whole job search process. I knew I could work on electronics and on jets, but, outside of that, I had no idea of how and where to look. I was not sure how my background would fit into companies.

Orion helped me get started on my career, and I never forgot that. So when the opportunity arose to work here – there was nothing I wanted more. Everyday I look at what I went through transitioning from the military and use that experience to provide career advice to my candidates. There is no better job in the world than helping a veteran get started on their career!

Connect with Jay:

888-756-7466 x. 213

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