Friday, August 19, 2011

Careerbuilder Releases 2011 Mid-Year Jobs Forecast

A Careerbuilder survey of more than 2,662 U.S. hiring managers conducted Spring 2011 revealed some interesting and heartening facts about hiring expectations for the remainder of 2011. From increases over last year in those looking to hiring full-time employees to shortages in skilled workers reported by half the survey respondents, the job forecast may be sunnier than previously thought. “Last year, certain sectors or departments in companies were producing jobs. This year, the U.S. is seeing job creation in all industries, functions, and company sizes,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of Careerbuilder.

Careerbuilder reports that 47% of employers plan on hiring new employees in the second half of 2011, which is defined as July 1 – December 31. This is up six points from last year, while the number of employers looking to hire full-time employees is up seven points from 2010 to 35% this year. The positions these hiring managers are looking to fill are mostly in Customer Service (23%), IT (21%), Sales (20%), and Administration (15%), with Business Development (11%), Accounting/Finance (10%), and Marketing (9%) rounding out the list.

The uptick in hiring anticipation is not isolated to just one area of the country either. According to their survey, hiring prospects are up all across the country with the South being the most optimistic at 38% expecting to hiring full-time workers. West follows with 35%, then Northeast with 34%, and Midwest with 32%.

Two issues the survey deals with are Employee Turnover and Shortage of Skilled Workers. Turnover in the second quarter is up 4 points from last year to 18% this year. This is leaving companies scrambling to maintain the talent they have. In fact, more than one-third of employers are concerned about this as the economy improves. This expected turnover might contribute to the shortage of skilled workers reported by half of survey respondents. Additionally, 36% of HR Managers said they currently have job openings for which they cannot find qualified candidates.

One fact that Careerbuilder reveals when examining hiring behavior for the last eight quarters in comparison to the projected hiring needs for those same quarters is that actual hiring has exceeded hiring projections. So while these numbers are optimistic, actual hiring could actually surpass this.

“The results revealed in the Careerbuilder 2011 Mid-Year Forecast should revitalize veteran job seekers. Despite all the recent gloomy media reports regarding employment, this Careerbuilder report confirms what Orion has seen this year as many companies have turned to us with a dramatic increase in their hiring needs,” said Mike Starich, President of Orion International. With positive hiring anticipation spread equally across the country, increased employee turnover, and a shortage of skilled workers, these survey results reveal an expanding job market despite a stagnant economy.

Click here to see the full survey results.

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