Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Email Etiquette for Job Seekers

A recent article on by Tony Morrison gives some great tips on email etiquette for job seekers. In the article, Morrison points out that email is a powerful tool in any job seeker’s arsenal and should be used appropriately.

Here are his tips:

Choose an appropriate email address: While “ILikeBeer” might have been funny in college, it is not the best way to represent yourself to a potential employer. The best emails are those that combine your first and last name.

Always use a subject line: Aside from the fact that many emails without subject lines get sent to Spam, a specific subject line makes your email more likely to be opened.

Don’t use email jargon: Slang like LOL, ROTFL, JK, etc. have no place in professional emails and can indicate to a potential employer that you don’t take the position seriously.

Keep it short and sweet: Employers receive copious amounts of email and often scan them for important content. By keeping your email to the point, you are more likely to successfully convey your message.

Create a signature block: A good signature block should include all your contact information in one place, including links to any professional social media like LinkedIn.

Use a professional closing: 'Best wishes' or 'sincerely' are appropriate.

Don’t forget to include your attachment: A common mistake is to forget to attach your resume and then having to send a second email. To avoid this, attach your resume first and then write the email.

Use the 24-hour rule: Try to respond to emails within 24 hours even if it is only to say that you will need to get back to them later. This tells the sender that their message is important to you.

In an age where paper copies of resumes and cover letters are more and more scarce, email etiquette is even more imperative to making a good impression.

Click here to read the article.

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