Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Four New Job Skills for the New Year

In her recent article titled “New Year, New Job Skills” on AOL Jobs, Barbara Bellesi sums up four job skills that job seekers should brush up on as they prepare to search for a new career in 2012. Here are her four tips, but with a twist for Veterans:
  • Problem Solving: The ability to think-outside-the-box can set you apart from your peers. But just coming up with an idea is not enough; it has to be a viable solution. Your military experience has prepared you extremely well to not only come up with a solution to a problem, but to execute it, as well.

  • Social Media: Channeling social media is often discussed in the new age of cyber job hunting, and while you might not use some sites for your personal life, you may want to consider building your professional brand. If you do this, however, remember that to follow social media etiquette. Some Veterans don't think to start a LinkedIn account to display their military experience, but it is a good idea. Employers may well search for your profile, and seeing solid work and leadership experience is always a plus.

  • “Soft” Skills: As a veteran, your soft skills include leadership, loyalty, work ethic, integrity, dedication, maturity, and expertise. These skills set you apart but you have to be able to demonstrate them face-to-face, so Bellesi advises that you get out there and network.

  • Elevator Pitch: An Elevator Pitch is a summary of who you are in about 30 seconds. Think about the very core function of your military occupation and how that function contributed to the overall mission. Practice this at home and with friends, so that you are ready to deliver your pitch when it comes time to sell yourself.
Bellesi’s tips are great ones to keep in mind as we enter a new year, but job seekers should not forget the practical aspects of the job search, such as having a well-written resume and proper interview preparation. Armed with these skills and tools, Veteran job seekers should approach their 2012 job search with a confidence.

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