Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Orion Alumni Attend Hiring Our Heroes Conference


Orion alumni with Siemens once again traveled to Washington, DC, in conjunction with The Siemens Initiative to Support Military Families. This time, Alan Lateer, Jeff Bell, Christopher Pieczonka, and Jody Compton attended the 4th Annual Business Steps Up, Hiring Our Heroes Conference at the U.S. Chamber of Congress in Washington, DC, on November 10. Previously, James Lamz and Nicholas Espe visited the White House in conjunction with Joining Forces.

The 4th Annual Business Steps Up, Hiring Our Heroes Conference focused on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s goal of lowering unemployment among veterans and their spouses by partnering with Veteran Service Organizations, government agencies, and the business community to hold job fairs across the U.S. This year, the Conference recognized specific businesses that have gone above and beyond to honor military families. Finalists for the 1st Annual Lee Anderson Hiring Our Heroes Awards included PepsiCo, The Home Depot, Bank of America, Dollar General, and Siemens, among many others.

Jody Compton (pictured front row, second from left) was one of the four Orion alumni to participate in this Conference. Compton was an Automated Logistical Specialist in the Army who is now a Materials Handler Specialist with Siemens. Her civilian position corresponds directly with her military experience, and illustrates how well veterans transition into these types of positions. “Not only do companies get a qualified employee, but they get the dedication, discipline, commitment out of the Veteran, which a company may not find in other employees,” explains Compton.

She goes on to say that attending the Hiring Our Heroes Conference was something she never thought she’d have the honor of doing, much less sitting on stage with the First Lady. “I'm proud of the years I served protecting freedom for others, and now I'm proud to be part of a company that supports veterans and leads the way for other companies,” states Compton.

Christopher Pieczonka (pictured front row, fifth from left), a United States Naval Academy graduate and former Surface Warfare Officer, also attended the Conference. He is currently a part of the Sales and Marketing Development Program (SMDP) at Siemens Energy. Pieczonka attended the morning lectures, as well as the awards dinner at the US Chamber of Commerce. “Attending the US Chamber of Commerce event was a tremendous experience that highlighted some of the incredible things the Federal Government, Chamber of Commerce, and various companies are doing to utilize the talents of military service veterans,” says Pieczonka.

The Hiring our Heroes program is another of the many initiatives that have been put in place to help veterans find employment when they transition out of the military. We salute the Lee Anderson Hiring Our Heroes Awards recipients for their dedication to hiring veterans and are proud that our alumni were chosen to represent the success veterans experience in the civilian workplace.

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