Monday, December 19, 2011

Surveys Confirm Veteran Recruitment on the Rise

Last month, both Careerbuilder and Monster released the results of their respective surveys on veteran employment. Both surveys reveal that employers are seeking to hire veterans in a big way. Careerbuilder surveyed more than 2,800 hiring managers and concluded that 20% of employers are actively recruiting veterans to work for their company over the next 12 months. According to Careerbuilder, these employers are tapping into veterans’ technical and communication skills for careers in IT, Customer Service, Engineering, and Sales.

Monster’s recently released Veteran Talent Index tells much the same story. The report begins by defining why veterans are desirable employees:

Veterans represent an elite and diverse talent pool available for hire. Most possess transferrable skills, professional discipline and positive attributes identifiable in today’s evolving workforce. By hiring veterans, employers can leverage the U.S. Military’s $140 billion per year spent on education and training and tap into the 200,000 service members that transition to the civilian workforce each year. (Source: Department of Veteran Affairs, US; U.S. Dept of Labor)

The Indices in the report include Veteran Career Confidence, Veteran Job Search Activity, and Employer Veteran Hiring. The Employer survey of almost 500 employers reveals that 70% of surveyed employers have hired more than one veteran in the past year. 99% of those employers felt veterans performed ‘much better’ or ‘about the same’ as non-veterans, and 69% of employers felt that veterans perform their job ‘much better’ compared to non-veterans. The impressive percentages of veteran-friendly employers were further evidenced when employers were asked if they would hire a veteran again. Of those that had hired a veteran, 98% said they would do so again.

Both surveys revealed that veteran job seekers could often do better in conveying their experience. According to Monster, 77% of employers believed veterans could do a better job translating their military skills to civilian skills. Brent Rasmussen, president of CareerBuilder North America explains, “The survey shows that employers recognize the unique value military experience can bring, but that they don’t always understand how military skills fit into corporate America. Veterans will need to clearly make that connection in their resume, cover letter and job interviews as they enter this new chapter of their careers.”

Orion represents thousands of companies whose stance on veteran recruiting is reflected in these surveys. We are here to help our candidates translate their skills and value to civilian employers, and ultimately, connect our candidates with companies that are actively seeking veterans for their skills, experience, and values.

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