Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Six Tips for Successfully Utilizing a Recruiter

In his article on msn Careers, Jorg Stegemann lists six tips for job seekers considering using a recruiter. These tips are great to keep in mind as candidates partner with a recruiting firm like Orion.

Consider using a specialist: Recruiters should have a solid understanding of your value to potential careers. This is true across the spectrum of industries and is of particular importance when transitioning from the military to a civilian career. You need a recruiter who understands your experience and how it relates to different opportunities.

Don’t spread yourself too thin: Stegemann recommends using three recruiting firms at the very most, although some firms do require exclusivity.

Be prepared: Stegemann gives the example of someone arriving at a meeting with their recruiter poorly prepared. And while how you interact with a recruiter is not the same as the actual job interview, it does leave your recruiter with an impression of you, for better or worse, that could influence the types of jobs you are matched with.

Be honest: Your recruiter needs to know your job history in order to sell you to clients, so be honest about any bumpy areas, so that they don’t come out unexpectedly later.

Feel comfortable: It is important to have a good rapport with your recruiter, so nurture a good professional working relationship.

Keep in touch: Stegemann reminds job seekers that just because you don’t get the first job with which you are matched through a firm, doesn’t mean you won’t get the next one. For this reason, you should keep in touch with your recruiter in order to hear about lessons learned from those missed opportunities, as well as learn about new opportunities.

Keeping the six tips above in mind will help both candidate and recruiter succeed in their ultimate goal of placing job seekers into rewarding careers.

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