Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Orion’s Resources for Sailors Affected by the Enlisted Retention Board

With the first deadline to separate less than six months away, many of the 3,000 Sailors affected by the Enlisted Retention Board (ERB) may be deciding which civilian career path to take. If you are among these Sailors, Orion invites you to consider our placement services as you separate earlier than planned. At Orion, we have placed more than 5,000 enlisted Sailors into civilian careers free of charge since 1991. And we understand that transitioning from the military can be stressful, especially when the need arises suddenly.

In addition to our career placement services, we also invite you to utilize the many resources available at Transition Corner. There you will find advice from Orion alumni, tips for all stages of the hiring process, as well as an extensive Suggested Reading List. You can also network with fellow veterans while keeping up-to-date on Orion’s event and opportunities by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and joining our LinkedIn Military Network. And don’t forget to subscribe to The Hunter, our monthly jobseeker newsletter. You may also want to attend one of our Navy Base Visits, where you will meet with an Orion Recruiter who will evaluate your marketability, assist you in outlining your career options, and give invaluable information to begin planning the path to your next career.

Our alumni include many Sailors like you who have found that their military experience has been very useful in their civilian careers. Travis Human, a Machinist Mate (Nuclear) 1st Class, found that his technical skills made him a hot commodity to companies seeking to hiring veterans. “My time in the service made me a hundred times more marketable to companies than anything else I have done in my life. It showed me that with hard work and determination, I was/am able to accomplish anything,” explains Human, “With that mindset in place and the right company looking at me, I became priceless to numerous organizations. I am now in the hiring process for a position as a Gas Turbine Journeyman with a utilities company. My mechanical abilities and dedication to my work that I have gained while in the Navy make me a perfect fit for my new position.”

Being notified that you are being separated early due to ERB most likely causes concern about what opportunities await you in the civilian workforce. Orion is here to not only help make your transition as smooth as possible with our many Transition Resources, but also to facilitate your placement in a career that meets your professional goals with a company that understands your value as an employee. Click here to learn more about Orion’s services. We look forward to working with you!

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