Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Veteran Spotlight: Monique Johnson

Monique Johnson, a retired Logistics Readiness Officer in the U.S. Air Force, recently discussed her January 2011 transition from the military with From the Battlefield and tells us that it was not easy. “I retired feeling confident that my education, military background, and training would set me apart from my competitors for employment; therefore, I was in no hurry to seek employment within the first six months of leaving active duty,” recalls Monique. But a difficult job market had her actively seeking employment on a full-time basis for nine months.

After frustration and discouragement set in, Monique began working with Orion International and soon obtained a position at General Electric Aviation in Cincinnati, OH, in Supply Chain Management. One year and three months into her career, Monique believes this opportunity has given her the ability to try new things and put some of her military skills into practice. “My problem-solving skills and presentation techniques have been an asset,” says Monique, “My military training has given me the prowess to adapt to any environment and ability to work with a multitude of people. It also equipped me with the can-do attitude and to draw from past experiences to elevate me to the next level of success.”

Monique has gleaned certain things from her transition and hopes that her advice can be of benefit to other veterans. She advises to always have a ‘back-up to the back-up’, and not to be afraid to try something different. She also recommends utilizing a military recruiting agency, where the recruiters are veterans just like you.

“The story I want to tell to my military brethren is to never lose hope, and to believe there is life after the military. Don’t get discouraged because things aren’t lining up as you mapped out,” Monique explains, “If there is one thing I can say about the military, it is that my time in the U.S. Air Force as a Logistics Officer gave me the patience and resolve to adapt and overcome; and to change things that are within my control.”

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