Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Recruiter Spotlight: Brad Ward

Brad Ward is Orion International’s Army Officer Recruiter for the Western part of the country.  The major Army bases that Brad recruits from are Fort Hood, Fort Bliss, Fort Lewis, Fort Carson, and Schofield Barracks.  Brad is originally from West Texas and graduated from Permian High School in 1999 (the Friday Night Lights School).  He then attended Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas, for his Bachelors and Masters degrees.  

After completing his education, he decided to serve his country in order to contribute to the ongoing military efforts.  Brad’s Grandfather and Great Uncle were both prior service military officers that always told him that the best officers are prior service officers.  So to continue a family tradition and simultaneously pay-off a mound of student loans, Brad enlisted as an Airborne Infantryman.  After completing Basic Training/AIT on Sandhill, as well as Airborne at Ft. Benning, Brad was stationed at Fort Stewart, GA, where he served as a Rifleman, Bradley Gunner, and Rifle Team Leader.  Brad was selected for Officer Candidate School in 2008 and commissioned as an Infantry Officer.  While stationed as an Officer in Hawaii, Brad served as an Anti-Tank Platoon Leader, Executive Officer, Interim-Company Commander, BN S4 OIC and BN Assistant Operations Officer.  Brad also deployed to Iraq as the Battalion S4 OIC during the switch from Operation Iraqi Freedom to Operation New Dawn.  

After returning from Iraq, Brad decided to make the transition out of the military to provide a more stable life for his family.  He began working with Orion International at the end of 2011.  Brad is married to Kayla Ward and has one son, Bradley Ward Jr.  

If you could give just one piece of career advice to a transitioning military professional, what would it be?

When selecting a recruiting firm, make sure the firm that you select listens to your wants and needs in a career search. Geographic location, job type, and input into the interview/transition process are all factors that set Orion apart and make it the most candidate friendly firm out there. Don’t sacrifice what’s important to you to fit a rigid system that doesn’t have your best interests as a priority.

What do you like most about working at Orion?

The Veterans!  When I was leaving the military, I knew that the thing I would miss most were the personalities and people.  Orion afforded me the opportunity to make the transition for my family, start an awesome civilian career, and still maintain daily interaction with Veterans. The ability to go home knowing that I have assisted fellow Veterans is priceless.

Please share one interesting fact that you would like candidates to know.

I had no idea I was capable of Sales/Recruiting before leaving the Military. I was a candidate that was completely turned off by the idea of sales and commissions. It was actually the Orion Recruiters that helped me realize how awesome Sales is as a career and how Military Veterans are an ideal fit.  Competitive, driven, inter-personal, and the desire to be rewarded for your hard work are some of the factors that make strong Sales Candidates. I encourage all of my candidates to stay open to Sales, because the opportunities are typically more appealing and lucrative!  

Connect with Brad:
800-336-7466 x. 414

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