Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Veteran Spotlight: Robb Adams

Robb Adams recently sat down with From the Battlefield to the Boardroom to discuss the path his career has taken since he separated from the Army ten years ago. A military brat, Adams served as both a commissioned and non-commissioned officer and was a Battalion Fire Support Officer at the time of his separation. Adams partnered with Orion International in his career search and was subsequently placed with a pharmaceutical company.

Ten years later, Adams has worked for two companies and has been promoted three times. “I served in leadership roles and have seen my salary increase by 163%!,” Adams tells From the Battlefield “I attribute all of these successes to the leadership and discipline that I learned while serving my country. I would not change a thing about my decision to serve as both an Army Officer and Navy Corpsman.”

That military experience comes into play every day for Adams. As a Field Reimbursement Manager for MedImmune, an immunization developer, he is a field-based employee who operates autonomously. “The discipline instilled in all of us who have served makes working in that type of environment extremely easy. We were all trained to work with limited guidance and supervision in the face of adversity and are expected to make the best decision possible with the information you have. This happens every day for me. It’s a matter of getting up every day and doing what is right, often with limited guidance,” remarks Adams.

Adams tells  From the Battlefield that veterans should not get discouraged in their quest to find the right job.  He reminds them military leadership is very much like civilian management in that you are "making decisions with the best available information that will make the most positive impact on the organization”. Most importantly, Adams says to never doubt the value of your service. 

Adams' career trajectory is another is the long line of Veteran Spotlights here on From the Battlefield that exemplifies the value of veterans in the civilian workplace. As Adams puts it: "The cream rises to the top!"

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