Wednesday, October 24, 2012

HVACR & Medical Equipment: High-Demand Career Fields for Veterans

A recent article on msn Careers by Susan Ricker lists seven high-demand careers for veterans. Among them are two occupations for which Orion International has found former enlisted technicians to be particularly well suited: Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) Mechanics and Installers and Medical Equipment Repairers. Both fields enjoy a much faster than average growth outlook and median salaries in the $40,000 - $45,000 range.

HVACR Technicians work with systems that control the air quality in buildings. Because these systems are increasingly complex, employers generally prefer applicants with postsecondary education or those who have completed a formal apprenticeship, making veterans an excellent fit for these positions. Licensing may be required depending on the State.

Orion alumni Vincent Povio and Sean Dempsay, both placed with Siemens, are great examples of how well enlisted technicians fit into this industry. Dempsay, a former Corporal in the Marine Corps, credits his military experience for his civilian career success. “Working on aircraft as an Avionics Electrician gave me a solid foundation in electrical and mechanical skills, and this lends itself well to my new career as Service Specialist in Building Automation Controls for Siemens,” explains Dempsay. 

Povio’s experience mirrors Dempsay’s. A former EM2 in the Navy, Povio explains how his work is similar to what he did in the military: “I'm going to be working with Siemens Building Automation Division as a Field Service Technician and will be working on equipment performing routine preventative and corrective maintenance, just like I did as an EM2 in the Navy.”

In the second field, Medical equipment repairers, veterans can expect to install, maintain, and repair patient-care equipment. Employers often prefer candidates who have an associate degree in biomedical technology or engineering. Again, enlisted technicians find this to be a straightforward translation of their military skills.

Michael Moore, a former Firecontrolman First Class in the Navy, found his military training immensely helpful in his civilian career as a Field Service Engineer with Toshiba American Medical Systems. “I have found that the professional and electronics training I received during my time in the service helped me immensely,” explains Moore, “I would not have gotten my job with Toshiba American Medical Systems as a Field Service Engineer had it not been for that training.”

Coast Guard Petty Officer Second Class Jonathan Smith had a similar experience as he transitioned to a career as a Field Service Technician with Intuitive Surgical. He tells From the Battlefield that his 4 1/2 years in the military working on electronics as an Electronics Technician helped him land a career with a cutting-edge company well-suited to his career aspirations and skills.

These are just two of the many career fields in which enlisted technicians from all branches succeed. You can read about veterans who succeeded in a variety of industries on Orion’s Success Story database page, where you can search by industry, paygrade, title, and branch. Check it out and see what industries are waiting for you.

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