Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Combat Arms Veterans Find Satisfying Civilian Careers

For Combat Arms veterans like Michael Rose and Jimmy Little, civilian career options may appear limited. But the career choices for veterans with MOS’s in fields like Air Defense, Armor, Artillery, Cavalry, and Infantry go far beyond law enforcement and security. Non-technical enlisted service members are finding fulfilling careers in industries like oil & gas and manufacturing with salaries ranging from $40,000 to $70,000+.

If you’re among these veterans, you should never underestimate your experience. Your extensive leadership and management experience, not to mention a superior ability to build cross-cultural relationships, make you a great pick for employers looking to add veterans to their team. You've motivated your colleagues to accomplish organizational goals and done so in intense down-range environments.

“As a veteran with a combat background, I was told that my options in the civilian world were going extremely limited. Orion proved that wrong. Within days of contacting a recruiter, I was set up with an interview and hired and working within a matter of weeks," explains Rose, a Cavalry Scout, “Orion has proven that there are options out there for veterans and that they will continue to strive to facilitate them for us.”

Little spent a total of eight years in the Army as an Infantry NCO and is a combat vet of both OIF and OEF. Upon separating from the Army, Little recalls thinking: “I have an entire box filled with school certificates and awards that make for an impressive stack on the chest. Maybe the police force, or a big-name store, but who really needs these skills?”

But once he started a job search on his own, it looked to him like all his skills and training did not translate in the civilian world.  After six months of searching, a fellow NCO recommended Little to Orion.  “I did my homework and called Orion that very next day. To my surprise, Orion had a client needing people ASAP. I was given the specifications and the projected income (a little less than three times what an E-6 makes in the Army). Soon after, I had the job,” explains Little of his new career in the oil & gas industry.

Companies are not just looking for veterans with backgrounds in nuclear, logistics, avionics, etc. They’re looking for men and women who excelled in their military field and are able to bring that spirit of innovation and perseverance so well embodied by Combat Arms veterans to their job. If you’re a non-technical veteran wondering where to start you civilian career search, check out Orion’s Operations and Leadership Careers webpage, which lists some of our many opportunities for you!

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