Wednesday, April 24, 2013

G.I. Jobs Profiles a ‘Sweet’ Career in Logistics

In an article titled “A Sweet Job” in the April issue of G.I. JobsLen Vermillion profiles veterans in logistics careers with The Hershey Company, the #1 chocolate maker in the country. Vermillion visited the facility in Chocolatetown, USA, where he interviewed Veterans John Kleinfelter and Sryhan Biray, and provides a glimpse into their respective careers with Hershey. The two had vastly different military experiences, yet they were both trained in logistics during their time in the service and use that training on a daily basis.

“I’m pretty much a liaison between our sales team, our customers and our supply chain,” Kleinfelter explains to Vermillion. “My job is to interface with all of those folks and try to get different strategic projects accomplished, and to address any types of problems that might come up within a customer’s business – whether it be here or at a delivery dock, or wherever.” He goes on to define himself as a “part problem-solver and part problem preventer”. He credits his ability to do this job to his experience in the Marine Corps and Army National Guard. And Kleinfelter’s military skills may never be more at play than when dealing with what he calls the “chaos that can ensue around a logistician.”

In the same office, Vermillion finds Syrhan Biray, a former transportation officer who found his career at Hershey through Orion International. Biray’s primary focus at Hershey is managing the logistics for their largest customer, Walmart. This job often entails moving goods across borders and through customs, an aspect of the job that Biray felt prepared for thanks to his time in the service. “My military background has given me an idea of working with different cultures,” Biray explains. “Right now, I’m working with an element in the Philippines, the U.K., South Africa and Brazil. We also have businesses in Canada and Mexico. You just have to be aware of cultural differences.”

Coupled with the profiles of Kleinfelter and Biray, Vermillion offers an attractive snapshot of a Logistician career that includes Average National Earnings of $70,800 and an expected growth rate of 26%. Here at Orion, we’ve seen veterans excel in Logistics and Supply positions such as Supply Chain Analysts, Operations Management, Quality Engineering and Improvement, as well as Inventory Control Management.

Many veterans have experience moving people, fuel, and material over long distances under difficult conditions. They are mission-oriented and adept at overcoming obstacles to assure success. These veterans are able to evaluate multiple variables in constantly changing conditions to get the right amounts of what they need where they need it.  Vermillion’s article showcases just how well these veterans are stepping into civilian logistics roles.

Click here to read the full article and here to learn about careers with Hershey.

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