Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Veteran Entrepreneurship by the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Recent numbers from the Small Business Administration, Census Bureau, and Department of Veteran Affairs reveal that veteran entrepreneurship is on the rise, with 13.2% of veterans being self-employed. This is higher than the number for non-veterans, which is 12.3%. And these veterans are being aided by a variety of programs and incubators, such as the Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE), various veteran entrepreneurship bootcamps, and Techstars, a highly selective technology incubator program that recently ran a compressed five day accelerator for a class of 75 veterans.

In addition to programs developed to facilitate business ownership, veterans also benefit from the military training, which teaches them to lead by example, as well as through direction, delegation, motivation and inspiration. The infographic below from Credit Donkey delves deeper into the role veterans play in small business ownership in America. The numbers behind veteran entrepreneurship are indicative of the "can-do" spirit our nation's veterans embody.

Infographic: Veteran Business Owners

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