Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Veteran Spotlight: Elroy Newton

Elroy Newton, Generator Specialist, Siemens Energy

Elroy Newton served 23.5 years in US Navy before retiring as an O-3E (LT). His first 12 years were spent as a Gas Turbine Technician, during which time he made it to Chief. The second half of his career was spent as a Limited Duty Officer in Engineering.

Elroy in action on the job with Siemens

When transitioning from the Navy back in 2011, Elroy was matched with Siemens by Orion International and chose to go to work for Siemens over other options because of the similarities he saw in the field service structure and his time in the military. As a Field Engineer, he spends all of his time in the field. “I like the fact that the chain of command structure is so similar to the military. I also enjoy the travel and being able to work a lot when at work and be home when I’m home,” explains Elroy, “It’s a lot of travel and long hours, but it is well worth it!”

You can learn more about a career with Siemens, an Orion Featured Employer, here. You can also read what other veterans there have to say about their careers with Siemens.

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