Wednesday, December 11, 2013

G.I. Jobs Profiles Orion Alumni in Industry Spotlights

As part of their ongoing coverage of all things post-military, G.I. Jobs recently profiled Orion alumni Ike Odi and Nick Breeschoten as part of their Industry Spotlights on Oil & Gas and Defense, respectively. The articles by Marty Levine reveal why it is both industries should be attractive to transitioning veterans. The profiles on Odi and Breeschoten provide an in-depth look into what it is like to work in the industry, covering everything from how their military career to the biggest challenge in their civilian career.

Ike Odi is featured in an article on the oil &gas industry, an industry Levine reveals is approaching a workforce shortage due to workforce aging and a skills gap. Levine cites that by 2020, it’s almost 62% of the 525,000 workers in the industry could retire or otherwise leave. These shortages are projected to be in the industry’s most critical positions, such as line workers, technicians, plant and field operators and engineers.

Odi found a career with ConocoPhillips, an Orion Featured Employer, through Orion in August 2013 and told Levine about his new career. A former Army Specialist who was a Combat Engineer, Odi is now a Production Engineer. In his new position, he monitors and optimizes well production, and designs artificial lift systems. Odi tells Levine the biggest challenge in his new career was becoming familiar with a lot of new software, but he also says it has been exciting. He advises that his fellow veterans learn to transfer their military experience into civilian speak and network as much as possible. To learn more about the careers available with ConocoPhillips through Orion, click here.

In his second Industry Spotlight, Levine covers the Defense industry. Levine explains that despite sequestration, the industry is still robust with a very highly paid workforce, averaging $80,000 for all salaries. And with the specific skills needed in this industry, veterans are highly sought-after, comprising 10% of 2012 hires. This coupled with workforce aging, like in the oil & gas industry, means there will continue to be a high-demand for highly-skilled veterans.

Levine goes on to profile Nick Breeschoten, a Second Lieutenant in the Army National Guard who is now an Electrical Engineer II with Honeywell, a company most recently named 2014 Top Military Friendly Employer by G.I. Jobs. Breeschoten works as an electrical product/process engineer in the Secure Electronics organization of Honeywell FM&T and help develops secure electronics that assure the continued security of our nation’s nuclear weapon arsenal. He advises that not all military experience translates into a civilian career as easily as others. If you haven’t already, Breeschoten thinks it wise to use your benefits and pursue an education to put yourself on track for a rewarding career. To learn more about the careers available with Honeywell through Orion, click here.

Levine’s articles and profiles in addition to Oki and Breeschoten give great insight into both the oil & gas and defense industry. Veterans looking to transition into either of these industries should be buoyed by the healthy outlook of both.

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