Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Military Officers Connect with Civilian Careers at Orion’s Distinguished Candidate Conferences

Orion International held its first Distinguished Candidate Conference (DCC) of 2014 in Houston, TX, in early March.  The successful event hosted 48 different company interview lineups and 90 military officer candidates.  For every DCC, our recruiters work hard to make the best possible match for each and every candidate and client attending. We pride ourselves in being able to provide as much information as possible on the companies and positions to our candidates, in advance of the conference.  Candidates know who they are scheduled to interview with, and have plenty of time to prepare and conduct research in advance.

Our DCCs offer a unique format, designed to maximize our candidates’ chances of receiving a job offer, including the following:
  • Company presentations detailing information on the company itself, as well as their open positions
  • A panel discussion with three former military officers sharing their thoughts on making the transition and navigating a career in the private sector
  • A social mixer where company representatives and candidates get to meet and talk informally before the “official” interviews the next day. 

This last element provides every candidate the chance to interact with all of the companies they are interested in, even if they are not scheduled for a formal interview the next day.

The feedback from candidates attending our DCCs is consistent every year, with veterans saying it is by far the best way to find their next career.  West Point graduate and former Army Corps of Engineers Captain Rick Norman is among the veterans at our Houston DCC last month who has already accepted a job offer. Norman explains, “The Houston DCC was the ultimate step to getting a job.  My recruiter did an excellent job keeping track of me and my needs in order to line me up correctly for the right conference.  All employees I have interacted with from Orion were professional and knowledgeable.”

When asked about the preparation he was given, Norman goes on to say, “Orion helped me with my resume, and they helped me prepare for the interviews.  Orion does a great job in the weeks leading up to the conference preparing their candidates to succeed at the conference, but the candidates must do the research on the companies and be prepared to talk about their abilities.”

Jeremy Gudgel, a former USMC Signal Corps First Lieutenant, echoes what Norman has to say: “The Houston DCC was worthwhile, and any transitioning military that has a chance to needs to go. It will only help in their reintegration to civilian society. It was a great conference with a great mixer and lots of opportunity to get more face time with the companies in attendance.” Read more testimonials from Military Officers who have found their civilian careers through an Orion DCC.

In 2013, more than 100 Military Officers found their civilian careers through our DCCs, with companies including Alcoa, Bank of America, Boston Scientific, Bridgestone, Corning Cable, Dell, Frito-Lay, GE Aviation, Hershey’s, Hitachi Medical, Honeywell, Lexmark, Nalco, PepsiCo, Samsung, Siemens, WE Energies, and many others.

There are six Orion DCCs left this year. You can request an application for the next three below:

Orion only holds a few DCCs each year, so opportunities to attend are limited. If you would like to be considered for one of the upcoming Orion DCCs, please click here

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