Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Orion HR Director John Herath Interviewed for Job Week

According to TheLadders, an online job search site, recruiters spend only six seconds, on average, perusing a resume and making a decision. While this statistic seems discouraging, there are some ways that you can help your resume stand out from the stack.

Orion International Human Resources Director John Herath was interviewed for Job Week on tips and tricks to resume design to help your resume get the attention it deserves.

Unless you are in the creative field, hiring managers tend to prefer a “clean, concise” resume that makes it easy to view at one glance important information that they use to qualify or eliminate applicants, explains John Herath.

Herath goes on to further explain basic layout and sequencing, stating that a more standard approach is best. There is a reason resume samples all look somewhat similar – contact information on the top, followed by a summary statement or objective, employment history in reverse chronological order, etc. Herath says that HR professionals “tend to like these best because we know exactly where to find key information and can process resumes in an expedited way.”

Although, a little bit of flair on a resume is not necessarily a bad thing. Hiring managers are typically more impressed by resumes that stand out from the rest, Herath adds. While the HR office sorts qualified candidates from dozens or even hundreds of candidates, the hiring manager is the one who steps in to make the final decision and identify the candidates who will move onto the next step in the hiring process.

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