Tuesday, December 23, 2014

VetAdvisor Releases Veterans Job Retention Survey Results

In October, VetAdvisor announced the results of its Veterans Job Retention Survey, a collection of data to reveal the state of veteran retention in the civilian workplace. The results hope to help employers build a better plan for veteran retention in the private sector.

The survey, conducted of nearly 1,500 veterans from December 2013 through February 2014, explored how veterans find their initial post-military jobs and the reasons why they choose to leave them for new jobs. Highlights from the findings included:

Over 14 percent of those who participated in the survey indicated that they were working in their first civilian job. Of those who left their first job, nearly half of those respondents left in their first year, with two-thirds leaving within two years.

Veterans indicated that the biggest obstacle for obtaining meaningful employment post military was finding careers that matched past military training and experience.

Overwhelmingly, nine out of ten of those who participated in the survey linked the opportunity to use their skills and abilities as the most important characteristic of civilian employment, and identified these qualities as most significant in retention within a civilian position. Other aspects, including career development, benefits, work environment, and employee/employer relationships were also indicated as significant retention issues.

Regardless of the number of jobs held, there was a correlation between the position and how long the position was held within the veteran’s preferred career field.

With these findings, VetAdvisor suggested a method of action for employers to increase veteran employee retention, which included providing education on military skills and their translation to the civilian workforce to recruiters and HR professionals in the private sector, developing veteran programs within companies to help veterans develop a career path outside of the military, and creating programs that will help match veterans to open positions more accurately.

In response to this, Orion has developed the Transition Corner, a place where military professionals can find resources to help them start and retain a civilian career. The Transition Corner features advice from Orion alumni, resume and interview help, and even includes a breakdown of civilian benefits, including time off and health insurance.

Along with the Transition Corner, Orion has also developed other ways to help make your military to civilian transition a smooth process, without any potential career regret. Our webinars, held monthly, feature seminars on career transition, negotiating your salary, job search help, and many more.

In addition, Orion offers a free e-book titled Career Transition Guide for Military Job Seekers and a Military Officer Transition Program Guide, both available for download, that offer you all the tools you need to transition into a civilian workforce and make an informed decision about your next career.

Orion is dedicated to placing military veterans in civilian careers that most match their qualifications, background, and preferences. “From helping to refine my resume to presenting the opportunities best suited to my background and skill set, Orion’s recruiting professionals exceeded my personal expectations. I am very excited about the position I’ve accepted as a result of working with Orion. It’s an amazing opportunity that I would not have found on my own,” stated a former Nuke Surface Officer placed by Orion with Siemens Industry Sector.

If you would like to learn more and begin your military to civilian transition, click here.

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