Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Veteran Spotlight: Joe Shupe

From the Battlefield recently caught up with Joe Shupe, a former MM1(SW) ELT in the Navy and 1LT Signal Corps in the Army, whom Orion matched with a sales career at Nalco, the world's leading water treatment and process improvement company. His job search process began in August 2014 when he contacted Orion in preparation for his February 2015 separation from the Army. His transition continued through October 2014 when he attended an Orion Hiring Conference, which was noted in an article in Middle Market Growth by Judith Nemes titled “Enlisting Veterans to Bolster Employee Forces.

Joe attended both an Orion Distinguished Candidate Conference in Chicago and a Hiring Conference in San Diego.  In preparation, he was given a checklist of items to complete to prepare himself for each stage of the hiring process. Joe says that the checklists came in very handy. After both conferences, he was invited back to the headquarters of interested employers, where he was given the chance for further interviews and ride-alongs. In her article, Nemes writes that Joe interviewed with seven companies and had been called back by four at the time of publication. She attributes that success to his technical, leadership, and management experience from his time in the military.

In his new position as a District Sales Representative with Nalco, Joe is required to work with large production plants that have many similarities to the propulsion plants that he worked with in the Navy. The leadership experience and presentation skills that Joe gained in the Army will be put to good use, as well.  “I will be making business proposals to key leaders within California's production plants across the Central Valley.  After serving as a junior officer in the Army, I now possess the confidence and ability to make great presentations and leave a good impression on my clients,” explains Joe. He says he is also delighted with the differences that he sees between his civilian and military careers:  “I have much more control over my earnings and my career path now that I am with Nalco.”

Joe has served in the military twice in his lifetime and, therefore, knows what it is like to leave the comfort and security that the military has to offer.  “The first time I served in the Navy, I made the transition by myself.  At the time, I was filled with anxiety and a sense of uncertainty,” recalls Joe, “The second time, I made contact with Orion before I left.  I cannot believe the difference that Orion has made.  My transition was significantly less stressful and much more enjoyable.  Even now, I feel much better knowing that Orion is out there.”

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