Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Careers for Veterans with Bank of America Merchant Services, a Military Friendly Company

Military veterans are transitioning from the battlefield to banking in increasing numbers as more and more financial firms realize their value as employees. And, although this career path is often overlooked initially, Orion has seen many veterans succeed in Financial Services. This field includes business-to-business sales and personal services in areas including banking, investing (stock brokers), and financial advising. One company that is currently working with Orion to recruit veterans for these types of positions is Bank of America Merchant Services.

Formed in 2009 as a joint venture between Bank of America Corp and First Data, Bank of America Merchant Services is a Military Friendly Company that provides secure and innovative products and services for merchants across the United States. Bank of America Merchant Services has developed an industry track record as the premier payments company and is currently recruiting veterans to join their team as Merchant Sales Specialists.

In this position, Merchant Sales Specialists are responsible for selling an industry-leading suite of payment processing products and services to local business owners, including the latest mobile payment technologies and solutions to help small businesses expand and grow. The positions are located in San Bernardino/Fontana, CA, and offer a competitive base salary plus commission. Your target total compensation in the first year is $80,000, with three year residuals and unlimited earning potential. All new hires will be provided with four weeks of structured training, with three weeks in-market and one week in classroom.

Damon Jones, an Air Force Captain and a USAFA graduate, describes what it is like to work for Bank of America Merchant Services, “The quality of the people working at Bank of America Merchant Services is the biggest similarity to my military career. Everyone is motivated towards transitioning Bank of America Merchant Services into a client serving climate and making the working environment fun and open.”
“The differences are also important. At Bank of America Merchant Services, I have the freedom to work on projects that I think will be valuable to the company and am supported by my leadership to explore these ideas. There is also a focus on employees getting the support they need and an emphasis on maintaining a strong work/life balance,” adds Damon.
Finally Damon says that Bank of America Merchant Services understands veterans. “We don't typically have much experience in a standard office setting and we most certainly don't have experience in payment processing, but Bank of America Merchant Services is looking for people like you,” explains Damon, “They have taken the time to get me all the information I need to learn and have found me projects where I can already contribute to the company. Plus, we have Veterans Day off!"
If you are interested in beginning a civilian career in Financial Services, a career with Bank of America Merchant Services may be for you. When veterans become part of the team and work to provide industry-leading payment solutions, they are offered outstanding opportunities for advancement and programs to expand their career potential.

Click here to learn more about being a Merchant Sales Specialist with Bank of America Merchant Services.

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