Friday, September 18, 2015

Guest Post: The Importance of Attending a Veteran Hiring Conference

Orion Recruiter Bob Berkholz
Today From the Battlefield welcomes a post by Orion Recruiter and former Marine Corps Logistics Officer, Bob Berkholz. Read on to learn the importance of making Hiring Conferences a part of your civilian career search.

As an 18 year veteran of the recruiting industry I have always approached my role as a coach as much as a recruiter in this business, and that approach has been well received.  Driving home the other night, I started to wonder if the Junior Officer population that enters the job market truly understands the importance of attending a Hiring Conference, and how much success can be achieved as a result. 

Let me provide you some metrics.  Just the other week, we saw a 94% success rate on officers getting scheduled for follow-up interviews via our Houston Hiring Conference.  Our May and June Texas hiring events yielded 82% or better initial hit rate from conference, with 50% & 70% (respectively) of those that attended being hired.  In this industry that makes us #1

Interestingly, on this last set of  percentages, two thirds of the hires resulted from the hiring  conference, and the other third was from non-conference opportunities that these candidates would not have had access to had I not physically met them and determined that they were qualified for follow-on submissions to other openings. 

If you come into conference and present well, and, for whatever reason do not have success with the conference companies you are presented to,  our recruiters will push your resume towards new openings because we know who you are, and have confidence in presenting you. We know that you can compete for this position and are invested in your job search based on your conference attendance.

Our numbers are head-and-shoulders above our competition, where they rely primarily on conferences (with lower placement results) and do not work much outside of conference. While I do not have exact metrics, I do talk with most JMOs working with all of the recruiting firms. I know who goes to work for who, placed by which recruiting company, and via what conference.  The Orion events hiring results are best in the industry, bar none.

I do understand some of you would like to attend conference but have location restrictions that make it difficult. However, if you can work with us on opening up your geographical preferences, we will find opportunities for you.  The more open you are, the wider we can cast that net.  You also need to be prepared and qualified to attend conference in terms of being ready to interview and market your background.  It is the most qualified and the most prepared candidates that are ultimately selected to attend

The results speak for themselves on how this translates to success.

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