Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Senior Military Officers: 6 Ways to Know if Using a Military Recruiting Firm is Right for You

While many recruiting firms’ primary focus on the Officer side is typically the transitioning Junior Officer, there are plenty of options for Senior Military Officers, as well. There are six key characteristics that often help determine whether an SMO is a good candidate to benefit from a military recruiter. Read on to see if they apply to you!
  1. You have Leadership, Project Management, Maintenance Management, Technical Management, Logistics, and/or Business Development related experiences and want to leverage them in a new and exciting career. 
  2. You would like to enter the private sector vs. pursuing a defense contractor of government employment career path. 
  3. You realize that you may need to consider roles for which a JMO with 12-15 years less experience may also be qualified. 
  4. You are able to counter objections that you are "over qualified"  by expressing that you are truly interested in a role where you can leverage your experience while learning a whole new business.
  5. You are open to pay in the $70K+ range (you can look at your retirement pay as a buffer), and see the value in getting your foot in the door, learning the business, and quickly proving your ability to take on more and be readily promotable. 
  6. The more flexible you can be in terms of where you will work, the better! 
Once you’ve determined if using a military recruiting firm is right for you, you may wonder what types of positions you can actually expect. Below are a few examples of recent careers former Senior Military Officers found through Orion International:
  • Supply Chain Manager, Honeywell Aerospace, $85K
  • Cost Estimating Engineer, BASF, $106K
  • Project Manager, Siemens Industry, $80K
  • Production Supervisor, Stryker, $85K

If you feel that the guidelines and career paths above are in alignment with your post-military goals, then there is a great chance that a military recruiting firm like Orion may be able to help in your career search! Click here to learn more!

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