Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Jack Welch Management Institute - Online MBA Program

If you are considering earning an MBA, the Jack Welch Management Institute is the place to learn proven practices from the front-lines of business. Orion International has partnered with The Jack Welch Management Institute to present this opportunity to earn your MBA, completely online, learning directly from top business leaders, while you continue to grow in your current career.

Fortune Magazine recently featured the MBA program in their article, "How Jack Welch Is Reinventing the MBA" by  John A. Byrne. The article points out that "the four-year-old Jack Welch Management Institute is one of the very few business schools that is run like a business, with a laser-like focus on customer service. The school is closely managed on student surveys that measure the impact of the education as well as the likelihood that a student would recommend the institute to a friend or colleague." And those surveys reveal some enticing statistics: 

  • 70% said they had received a promotion or double-digit raise since the start of the program
  • 98% agreed that the MBA program was a valuable investment
  • 27% said it was the best investment they ever made
  • 100% of the graduates agreed that their confidence as a leader had grown as a result of the program
Classes begin on January 4th, and there is still time to register. Visit us online to learn more about earning your MBA through the Jack Welch Management Institute.

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