Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Veteran Spotlight: Burt Welch

Burt Welch’s civilian job search began in April 2015 in preparation for his transition from the military in October. A former Army Military Police Captain, Burt felt prepared for a civilian career. “The service provides almost anyone across any mission set with an excellent background to succeed in various fields within the civilian sector. The leadership & decision making skills are difficult to hone or replicate in a similar manner, with the possible exception of competitive athletics or civilian services (Police, Fire, EMS),” explains Burt.

When it came time to enlist a recruiting firm to help with his search, Burt followed the advice of a friend and connected with Orion. At Orion, Burt found his recruiting team to be dedicated, empathetic and eager to help him make a clean transition. “I honestly could not have felt any better about the transition,” recalls Burt.

Burt interviewed with employers through Orion on the phone, one-on-one sessions, as well as at an Orion Hiring Conference. Through this process, Burt was matched with CalAtlantic Homes as a Construction Manager. “The logistical/operational parallels are easily translated. Given the sheer amount of moving pieces, the experience in utilizing existing systems to the best of their ability is fantastic,” says Burt of the parallels between his new career and old one, “Knowing how to engage others appropriately for maximum output is equally, if not more important; and it's something you can't put a price tag on as someone who is making that leadership transition.”

The partnership between Orion and Burt worked well for Burt, as he was put directly in front of employers looking for people with skills just like his. “Without their help, finding as desirable of a position, in such a great location would have been difficult if not impossible,” explains Burt.

He continues, “My deepest thanks to each of the staff at Orion who work extremely hard to offer these services to their fellow service members. It's a taxing, daunting, and even scary thought to make such a leap, but Orion helps with compassion and a high level of acumen.”

Congratulations on your new career, Burt! We’re proud to have been able to help you. Your transition and skills translation to what is seemingly an unrelated civilian field speak highly of the ability of veterans to get the job done! 

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