Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mini-Conferences®; Big Career Opportunities

There are a variety of methods Orion uses to match veteran job seekers with civilian career opportunities. Included in these are Mini-Conferences®, private hiring events for companies that are hiring for multiple positions at a time.  Companies like CovantaHonda, and Phillips 66 utilize these events through Orion to recruit veteran job seekers.

Mini-Conferences® are usually held at the hiring company’s location where all presentations, interviews and testing occur in one day. They’re often preceded by a successful phone interview and indicate that the employer wants to see how a candidate fits in onsite. Much like a site visit, these conferences allow candidates to get a more complete feel for the work environment, methods, and culture.
Candidates at a recent Mini-Conference® for Covanta
Orion alumni who found their new career through a Mini-Conference® often view the event as a one-stop shop. In fact, Aaron Johnson, a former Army Sergeant who found a career in the steel industry, called the events “novel”, saying, the Mini-Conference® “enabled me to learn a great deal about the company while feeling comfortable throughout the interview process.”

For job seekers hoping to accelerate the hiring process, a Mini-Conference® can be a great way to find their next career. Due to the fact that employers retain Orion to hold Mini-Conferences® in order to fill many positions at once, hiring is often expedited, with an average hiring rate of 70% and time to hire of less than five days.

If you are currently working with an Orion Recruiter, let them know of your interest in these events, and they will contact you as Mini-Conference® opportunities arise that are a match with your qualifications and personal preferences.

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