Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Importance of Finding a Mentor for Transitioning Military

Making the transition from military to civilian life is an exciting time in the life of a veteran. However, it can also be scary and overwhelming. Civilian and military cultures are very different, and civilian life is in many ways an entirely different world.

During the military-to-civilian transition, a mentor can provide guidance and support in veterans’ transition and career advancement. They can also help veterans achieve a healthy work/life balance, deal with any issues with family and friends, and address other related transition challenges.

Orion International recently conducted a survey of veterans who transitioned into a civilian career within the last five years. Of those who found their careers through Orion, 29% confirmed that they had a mentor helping them with the transition. In contrast, only 16% of those who did not find their careers through a Orion cited a mentor.

Of note, for those that had a mentor, the majority of these were Orion recruiters. They were able to help because just like our job seekers, all of Orion’s recruiters are former military personnel who have made that same transition into the civilian world. Orion Recruiters have an average tenure of 6.5 years - the best average in our industry.

Orion Recruiters serve as Mentors to help military job seekers explore new ideas and options. They draw from their experience and expertise to provide a unique perspective and insight into the best path forward. Mentors help candidates avoid common mistakes and make suggestions that the candidates probably wouldn’t have realized themselves.

As you look to build and gather the tools you’ll need to successfully transition out of uniform, don’t underestimate the power of a strong network of contacts. Those contacts can help you gain information, access to new people, and insights into careers, companies and opportunities!

Connect with an Orion recruiter today and talk with someone that has been in your shoes.

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