Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Student Veterans—Start Planning Your Career Now

If you have already transitioned from Active Duty and are currently attending school full-time, you’re not alone. More than a half a million student veterans belong to the Student Veterans of America (SVA), not to mention the veteran students who don’t join. Regardless of how long you have until graduation, it's never too early to begin thinking about the type of career you’d like.

For many veterans, finding that right career and putting your hard-earned degree to work means working with a military recruiting firm like Orion. Contacting Orion prior to graduation is a great way to get a crash course in building your resume and interviewing all while providing you with career counseling and transition assistance.

Additionally, veterans may want to research what, if any, Veterans Services their colleges offer.  Many colleges offer some sort of assistance to veterans as they pursue their higher education and prepare to graduate, including career planning. For instance, the University of South Florida has the Office of Veteran Success, which provides specialized programs and services to over 2,000 veterans, eligible dependents, active duty service members, and members of the Selected Reserve on campus. Among their services are employment information sessions to connect veterans with employers.

Student veterans should also browse Transition Corner for as plethora of information. The site covers resume and interview preparation, what to expect in the civilian workforce, industry overviews, as well as comprehensive programs and webinar series designed to give you a leg up on your competition once you graduate. You can also read profiles from some of our alumni and ask them a question and receive guidance, advice, and support, as well as to benefit from the experience of a fellow vet.

Just because you’re still credits away from graduating, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start considering how you will find your new career. Orion is here with experienced recruiters who are veterans themselves and are ready to help you with Orion’s industry leading preparation program. Click here to learn more about services for student veterans at Orion. 

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  1. You can even try some career consultants who will provide you training that how to prepare for an interview. This is really helpful as they give you complete guidance and clear doubts.