Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hiring Conference vs. Job Fairs

While a Military Hiring Conference and a Veteran Job Fair may seem synonymous, they are very different. 

Job fairs for veterans, or veteran career fairs, are usually hosted by a major organization, such as a city's Chamber of Commerce or military base. Most often set up in the form of different booths, they feature a number of different companies from a variety of industries. Potential employees participating in the job fair visit the different companies' booths, dropping off their resume for increased visibility on open positions. While job fairs have helped many veterans find a career, it is a more anonymous and less targeted way to go about it. There is no interview involved and the company representatives collecting the resumes typically do not have the knowledge about the positions or time to discuss specifics with potentially qualified candidates.

A Military Hiring Conference is not a Job Fair. Attendance is by invitation only. Interviewing candidates have individual interviews with hiring managers who are committed to hiring for specific positions. Orion focuses on corporations that value the unique skills and experiences of the military service member, and often the interviewers are Orion Alumni. A Hiring Conference is the best opportunity to interview with several companies committed to the hiring process in just two daysAs with all of Orion's services, there is no fee of any kind for our job seekers to attend an Orion Hiring Conference.

Adam Gray, a former Army Intel Officer now working in Sales for Lutron, recalls his experience at an Orion Hiring Conference, “It was an amazing experience. Orion directly matched me up with my top five companies, and I was able to interview with all of them that day. You skip through several pre-interview steps like cold calling the HR department, and you know each company is interested in learning about you. The companies are also looking to fill multiple positions, so there is a relaxed, cooperative environment with your peers. First class, first rate event; if you are on the fence, you should definitely go."

Our alumni agree that an Orion Hiring Conference is the best way to find a career. In fact, of the alumni who completed our recent Military Transition Survey, 71% of Hiring Conference attendees ranked the Hiring Conference as “very effective.” Compared to the only 7% of alumni who indicated a Job Fair was “very effective”, it is evident that for veterans looking for a job after the military, an Orion International hiring conference is a great way to interview with multiple companies and positions in one location, increasing the chances of an offer sooner than expected.

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