Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Top Growing Industries Hiring Veterans

For American military veterans looking to transition into the civilian world, it  the job search can be tough. With so many jobs across numerous industries, finding a good starting point can be the hardest task.

There are certain industries that are particularly good at utilizing military skill sets and can ease the transition back into the civilian workplace. Check out a few of the top growing industries hiring veterans according to Veterans United:


With new technologies available to patients and doctors alike, startups and entrenched companies will look for new ways to reach customers. Healthcare is a fast paced industry and ideal for veterans who are used to working under pressure. Careers in healthcare are some of the fastest growing in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Healthcare employment growth is expected to reach almost 26 percent by 2022.

Information Technology

Technology is transforming how companies do business in almost every industry. It's changing how companies sell their products and services, operate, and plan for future growth.

Because the military has some of the most advanced technology available, veterans have an advantage over other job seekers in the IT industry. The growing need for companies to go global by going digital means that systems architects, business analysts and other technology professionals are in high demand.

Weapons and Security

When it comes to weapons and security, military veterans know their stuff. Most jobs require discipline, attention to detail, and in many cases, familiarity with various weapons and their operation. There are a variety of jobs within the security industry. You could be working in crisis management, investigations, computer systems security, or in corrections.


For some veterans, the desire to serve their country continues long after they leave the military. Government careers are ideal for individuals like this. The government has dozens of organizations that welcome veterans, placing them in departments like homeland security, national defense and others.


Veterans seeking careers in the engineering field are joining a workforce that is helping companies across the global connect digitally. Business network systems have never been more complex, and for that reason the engineering industry will continue to grow and offer jobs to returning service members.

Human Resources

Veterans accustomed to the highly structured environment of the military may enjoy attracting talent or training new talent for companies. Those who serve in the military develop unparalleled work ethic and discipline, traits suited well for a role in human resources.

For more transition advice visit our Transition Center and contact an Orion recruiter in your area today to discuss available positions in these industries.

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