Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Coolest New Military Technology

The United States Military maintains some of the most advanced technology in the world. Here are some of the American troops’ coolest gear, as listed by We Are The Mighty:

Black Hornet Drones  

The Black Hornet is a military micro sized UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) that makes short-distance observations easily. They are small enough to fit in one hand; a four-inch, 18-gram personal scout can fly for about 25 minutes, maxing out at about 11 miles per hour, while taking video and high-resolution images.

The Navy's Two New Attack Submarines

The submarine fleet will welcome two new Virginia-class fast attack subs. The USS Colorado (SSN 788) is currently under construction, and is expected to be commissioned in the summer of 2017. The USS Washington (SSN 787) was launched on April 13, 2016. These New Virginia-class submarines feature the latest and greatest technology in submarine warfare. Attack submarines are designed to seek and destroy enemy submarines and surface ships. They have everything from improved sensors to better acoustic camouflage.

Enhanced Night Vision Goggles

The Army’s newest night-vision goggles will be fielded to soldiers this year. The goggles fuse image-intensifying and thermal-imaging technologies, enabling vision conditions with very little light. They will be able to communicate with future weapon sights so soldiers can always see the impact point of the weapon, even when firing from the hip or through smoke. The weapon sight vision will not be available until 2019.

New Machetes will Help Prepare the Army for a War in the Pacific

While new machetes may not seem like a huge technology advancement compared to the drones and submarines, the U.S. Army is part of the pivot to the Pacific and that means preparing for jungle warfare. The Army is looking for new machetes with a double-edged blade. One side would be for chopping through vines and the other for sawing through branches.

The Army will also be looking at new materials for uniform items, especially boots, in the coming years for operations in the Pacific.

With new technology, the US Military is really changing the face of warfare for our soldiers. There will be has endless potential to make life changing advancements that will keep our soldiers safer with greater tools and greater ability to do their job.

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