Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Military Veterans provide a new competitive advantage for Tech companies

The tech industry is booming and companies are finding it hard to attract and retain great employees. This is a concern for hiring managers over many different industries, but Tech companies are realizing that Veterans with an IT background have the skills, experience and discipline that they want and need.

Many veterans find the major obstacle in their transition into the civilian world is translating their military skills and experience to the civilian hiring manager that may have no military knowledge. As the same, many employers are missing out on great employees since they often don't know how to interpret the relevance of veterans skills or appreciate their capacity for such all-purpose skills as rapid learning and leadership abilities.

How do we bridge that gap? Orion is here to help, and has been finding careers for Veterans for the past 25 years. We have found rewarding careers for more than 36,000 veterans and will match your skill set and preferences with the RIGHT companies and positions.  Learn how Orion can help in your transition, from interview preparation to resume writing and advice from Orion alumni - visit Transition Corner resource center to get started today.

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