Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Thank-You Notes Never Go Out of Style

For some job seekers, the next step after an interview is to sit and wait for an offer. But, for a smart job seeker, the next step is writing a thank-you note. Thank-you notes are an important personal form of communication in a less-formal, more-anonymous online culture, and can help give you an edge over other candidates.

Thank-you notes are always appropriate and should be sent to everyone with whom you interview. Make sure to customize each note not only to the position and company for which you interviewed, but also to the interviewer. Mention specific things you discussed in the interviewer and the reasons you're interested in that particular company. And most of all, reiterate your interest in the job.

Given the ubiquitous nature of email, thank-you notes are becoming more acceptable via email. They can still be a personal way to indicate that you are a professional and appreciate an interviewer’s time.  But make sure not to write it hastily from your phone. Take the time to sit down and compose a well-thought-out note. Also, don't include everyone you interviewed with at a company in the same email. Personalize each note.

That said, a handwritten thank you note delivered via snail mail is hard to top. These notes are a tangible reminder of your interview and is less likely to get lost in a long list of emails. 

Well-written thank-you letters turn ‘potentials’ into ‘hires’, so make sure that you always take the time after an interview to write one. Now go send your thank-you notes! Click here for a sample note to get you started.

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