Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hiring Our Heroes Releases New Report on the State of Veteran Hiring

Earlier this month, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes, released the results of their survey on Veterans in the Workplace. The year-long study, Veteran Employment Survey: Understanding the Challenges and Creating Long-Term Opportunities for Veteran Employees, surveyed 400 human resource professionals nationwide, as well as 1,000 veterans who have transitioned out of the military in the last five years.

Among the highlights of the results are the fact that veterans are now among the top three recruiting targets for companies nationwide, due to the national focus that has occurred over the last five years. The study also revealed that HR professionals have an “overwhelmingly positive view of veterans” and express few concerns about hiring them.

However, the study also shows that there is still a “civilian-military divide”. With a majority of professionals reporting that there is no specialized training or onboarding for veterans at their company, Hiring Our Heroes suggests that companies should work to develop these two key steps in recruiting veterans. 

“America’s businesses have stepped up to the plate when it comes to hiring veterans—a fact evidenced by the ever-shrinking veteran unemployment rate,” said Eric Eversole, president, Hiring Our Heroes, and vice president, U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “However, we need to double-down on our effort to provide veteran-related training and assistance during the onboarding process.”

The survey also revealed a “clear relationship between a successful transition and when transitioning service members start their job search.” While the survey noted challenges such as “Deciding what career path to pursue” and “Not receiving feedback of any kind from hiring managers”, when a service member begins their job search often helps overcome these challenges in a quicker and more lucrative way.

Veterans who responded to the survey that started their job search at least six months prior to their transition were twice as likely to have a job before they even leave active duty. Thirty-six percent of those veterans who started early also reported being better off financially.
Chart from the Hiring Our Heroes Veterans in the Workplace report showing the correlation between length of preparation and income.
Ultimately, the report concludes that veterans are a “key part of the American workforce and are valued for their tremendous experience, work ethic, and integrity.”  That said, veterans should take control of their job search by identifying career paths, leveraging networks, utilizing all available resources, and starting early.

Click here to read the full report. You can learn more about Orion’s services for military job seekers and get your career search started here.

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