Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Military Family Month - Five Ways to Honor Military Families

November may be primarily associated with Thanksgiving, but it is also Military Family Month, a month-long celebration of military families. In honor of this, we're sharing a little bit about the month and tips for showing your appreciation of the military families in your town.  

Each November, the President signs a Proclamation declaring it Military Family Month. This year, President Obama stated, "During Military Family Month, we salute the families of those who proudly are a part of our Nation’s unbroken chain of patriots for their unwavering devotion, and we renew our sacred vow to uphold our promise to our troops, our veterans, and their families...I encourage all Americans to honor military families through private actions and public service for the tremendous contributions they make in support of our service members and our Nation."

Celebrated each year since 1993, November was designated as a time to celebrate and appreciate military families that sacrifice so much in honor of our country. Military families come in all shapes and sizes, and often go unrecognized for that sacrifice. 

Here are five ways you can honor the military families in your life:

1. Offer to babysit. Time alone is often rare. Be it a grocery run or date night, time to decompress is important. 
2. Volunteer with veterans organizations. There are many organizations that enable you to give back to this deserving group. 
3. Put together a care package. Sometimes, especially with a deployed spouse, taking care of basics can be hard, so create a package to help them out. 
4. Start a meal train. It's one less thing the family has to deal with, and a great way to show you care. 
5. Say thank you! These two simple words can mean a lot to a military family. 

Military Families are the backbone of our armed forces. They support our service members and hold down the home front. Showing your appreciation can mean so much. How will you honor military families this month?

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