Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Operation: Coming Home Key Ceremony - Hero Home 13

On Thursday, October 27th, Orion International and many other organizations and individuals gathered to witness the Operation: Coming Home (OCH) Key Ceremony in honor of US Marine Raider SSGT Brandan Taylor and his family.

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Operation: Coming Home (OCH) is a non-profit group that provides custom built homes for wounded military service members. These homes are called “Hero Homes” and are designed to promote independence and mobilization for the injured veteran and his family. Brandon Taylor is the thirteenth recipient of an Operation: Coming Home - Hero Home, and was chosen from an outstanding group of applicants.  

Brandan served in the United States Marine Corps for 10 years. In 2014, Brandan sustained multiple injuries while on a mission in Afghanistan. Taylor was on a night time helicopter raid with 30-50 of his men when he slipped on a sheet of ice, fracturing his back. His 150-pound backpack hit his head, knocking him out. Taylor completed the three remaining months of his deployment by utilizing pain pills available in the local market to avoid being sent home.

It wasn't until he returned to the US for the birth of his twins that he had an MRI, revealing a fractured spine and nerve damage. Taylor stated he had been in tremendous amounts of pain, but really didn’t want to leave his team.

OCH was inspired by Taylor’s story, and a board member of Operation: Coming Home, said his courage in his service led them to build their thirteenth home for Taylor, his wife, and three sons. OCH is led by the Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake County and US Veterans Corps. It partners with builder CalAtlantic Homes. Modifications in the home include wider hallways and a special shower.

Orion’s Raleigh team had the honor to spend time working on preparation of the home and attending the Key Ceremony last on October 27th where Taylor and his family were presented the keys to their new home. We look forward to helping build the next Hero Home!

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