Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Orion’s Nick Ruscoe Live with Jack Welch

Orion Account Executive Nick Ruscoe is currently a student in The Jack Welch Management Institute MBA program. Nick has been with Orion for just over a year, and is currently taking two classes each semester while working full-time as an Account Executive, where he works with top companies to identify great career opportunities for transitioning and former military.

When Nick was recently given the opportunity to ask Jack Welch a few questions about industry trends, he jumped on the chance, and asked two questions of Jack.

The first was in regard to the rise of automation. This has been a newsworthy topic in recent times, for both small and large companies. Major truck manufacturers like Volvo are testing autonomous driving for cross country deliveries, while a coffee shop in California has made headlines with its fully mechanized coffee shop with coffee prepared by robots, sold with a lower price tag than that of a barista-staffed coffee shop.

Nick expressed that this has always been a concern, but appears to be coming a lot faster and in more industries than expected. Nick asked Jack how this trend will impact employees.

Jack Welch responded “The pressure will be on for the better people. This will be a talent battle.” The jobs that are being taken over by robots are blue collar and low tech positions. This will put pressure on employees to continue their education, and to shine as leaders and team builders.  

He stated, “to answer your question, will automation take some jobs? Like coffee making, etc?  Yes! But if you are a leader, everyone will want you.”

As a follow up, Nick asked Jack how this competition will impact Veterans who are seeking jobs, versus employees that have industry experience.

Jack adds, “I was crazy about hiring military veterans. We always had great ones. The Veterans I hired were flexible with their time, flexible in their mobility, and they were intense. They knew what leadership meant and did all kinds of great things as employees.”  

Nick thanked Jack Welch for his time and creating the MBA program. As a student in the program, Nick said that he is so thankful for the ability to be able to take what he learns in class, and apply it the next day at work. Please visit us online to learn more about the Jack Welch Management Institute Online MBA program.

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