Wednesday, May 3, 2017

8 Tips for a Successful Virtual Interview

As technology continues to advance, the world we live in continues to shrink. It’s now easier than ever to chat face-to-face with a loved one all the way across the world. This same technology is also changing the way we interview for jobs. Virtual interviews are being increasingly used to connect job candidates in one state to hiring managers in another. In fact, Orion is excited to offer virtual interviews for a variety of positions both within Orion and with our clients through HireVue.

This new method of interviewing offers flexibility, lower costs, and ease of use to both candidates and employers. But with this new way to interview comes new keys to success. Check out our 8 tips for a great virtual interview.
1. Dress the part: Wear whatever you would wear to an in-person interview for a virtual one. (i.e. Wear pants. This humorous reminder is courtesy of a comment we received on LinkedIn when we recently posted a Military Times article on Skype interviews. Obvious, but true!)
2. Choose an appropriate user name: If you're using Skype, make sure you have a professional username, nothing inappropriate like "ilikebeer2012" or "partyanimal15".
3. Be prepared: Have your resume and any notes/questions ready to go.
4. Test your tech: Ensure your internet connection is strong and reliable, that your microphone is clear, and your webcam provides a good image.
5. Silence your phone and computer: The last thing you need is a ding alerting you to a new email or a text message distracting you from your interview.
6. Ensure a quiet professional environment: In her article on virtual interviews for, Allison Ross advises to avoid sitting in front of window, both for lighting and distraction issues, and avoid sitting in your bedroom.
7. Do a dry run online with a friend or family member: Dawn Dugan lists this tip in her article on the topic. It’s a great way to test technology, ensure that you come across the way you want, and how the background you choose looks from the other end.
8. Look at the webcam: Dugan also points out that this is as close as you come to looking your interviewer in the eye. It may be tempting to look at the image of yourself on your screen, but that will look odd on other end.
A virtual interview is an effective and efficient way to get a job. And as more and more companies turn toward this technology, it’s important to become comfortable in front of the camera. Following the tips above should lead to a successful virtual interview!

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